The main goal of this project is to fund climate change and help mitigate humanitarian crises globally. This we intend to achieve through a system that would continuously provide the funds needed to support NGOs and charities.

The process will involve creating an automated mechanism that will continuously remit a percentage of the tax to a dedicated charity wallet. This will also serve as a source of earning for Talkado Coin holders. To ensure this incentivizing mechanism will run concurrently, we decided to add a new feature via the Talkado NFT Multivendor marketplace. It will be a hub where creators can easily wrap TALK Coins to NFT'S, thereby reducing the circulating supply. The Talkado nft collection, Talkado metaverse, Talkado novel and the Talkado JackpotX, are all unique utilities created to supercharge the Talkado ecosystem.

This will create a win-win scenario for all community members, with an assured future value for the TALK Coin which will directly impact the value of the coin in the market.

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