Most marketplaces assume that eventually, everyone will adjust to the learning curve on how to purchase NFTs for the first time.

What was once acceptable to a small niche of NFT buyers is now counterintuitive to the general public.

They lack the information needed to educate the buyer about a project through their platform causing new users prone to scams and savvy users to perform due diligence externally. Buyers also need a better way to discover ongoing NFT sales on the fly.

TALKADO NFT MARKETPLACE will provide a way to generate wallet addresses and instructions on how to connect it with several wallet apps including Metamask.

Additionally, the platform will partner with several payment gateway providers to purchase NFTs with credit/debit cards as well as integrate with swaps to allow buyers to buy NFTs with other cryptocurrencies.

Buyers can also log in with their existing wallets to access the marketplace.

All collections will provide as much information as possible to help buyers determine the legitimacy of a project. The platform will extend OpenSea’s metadata standards to help recognize additional fields per collection and NFT. Additional statistics like floor, ceiling and trading history will also be found in each collection.

The platform will also provide several widgets for buyers including a β€œWhitelist” for projects that enabled it and β€œFlash Sales”.

The Whitelist is a special feature on the platform that lists projects that just started and are accepting first buyers.

Each project may include instructions on how to qualify and by signing up, will notify the creators of your existence.

Flash Sales is a section on the platform that automatically detects frequent minting on the blockchain for buyers to participate before supplies run out. Buyers can also watch projects and be notified of their activities.

Prices for NFTs will change depending on the blockchain network they are using and will display the blockchain that NFT is found in as well as the contract information. When a buyer purchases an NFT that is not found in the same blockchain network they are using, this will automatically invoke a swap so the seller gets exactly what they are asking for.

Unlike other marketplaces that treat every NFT the same, TALKADO NFT MARKETPLACE will organize NFTs by their respective categories and provide a different experience depending on which a user clicks.

For example, audio/music could have related items like a player, album art, and max copies, while game items are organized by games and entail a completely different look and feel.

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