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100 Years Locked Up Liquidity

The allocated coins will be used to provide the initial liquidity on Pancakeswap (Listing phase). This allocation will be deposited into the Pinksale Launchpad Smart Contract, that will manage also the listing. The $TLOT will be paired with 65% of the raised BNB and locked for 100 years. The locking will be managed by the Pinksale smart contract. This allocation should be seen as a part of the The Legend Of Talkado Ecosystem reserve, that is when the token liquidity can sustain itself, these funds can be used for the long term operativity of the ecosystem.
Liquidity allows a one to buy & sell their $TLOT/BNB at anytime, however the less money/liquidity there is in the pool, the worse price. So, The Legend Of Talkado Auto-Liquidity Engine at every sell transaction, add more liquidity to the pool by itself and therefore solving that issue.
A bigger liquidity pool will provide more stability to TLOT's price and attract new investors.
1% of every sell transaction is automatically sent to Liquidity to help continue expansion of the Liquidity pool.
Last modified 9mo ago