The Platform

The Talkado Multivendor Marketplace is an NFT marketplace focused on creating the best possible market user experience for both seasoned crypto-users and also crypto-beginners.
The Talkado Multivendor NFT Marketplace is creating a paradigm shift in the NFT niche market.
It is a platform for trading a variety of digital artworks and collectibles. We aim to develop a global hub where users can create, buy, sell, discover exclusive digital items and create a system that will supercharge the Talkado Ecosystem with relatively minimal gas cost.
TALKADO NFT marketplace is creating an experience that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds.
Our vision is to offer blockchain projects easy access to Metaverse and connect service providers with potential blockchain project clients.
We are set to add new meaning to NFTs, not overlooking the uniqueness and authenticity that comes with them.
You will be able to mint real rare NFTs. Here, the most exclusive pieces in the history of mankind can be found, together with collections from other admirers ranging from Arts, Music and Photography. The NFT Masterpieces created by TALKADO are unique in this market thanks to their peculiarities such as the uniqueness of each piece, universal and transversal fame of the artworks’ creators and authenticity.
The idea is to create a system that will drive the Talkado brand and bring about a catalysed increase in value for the The Legend Of Talkado Coin. It will be embedded with special features that would set it apart and make it a point of attraction to crypto Investors.
Additional benefits of this marketplace are that economic principles of supply and demand become automatically integrated into the system, allowing the community to determine the fair price of user-generated assets.