🎇Technology Used

For a Defi project to be deemed successful, one crucial consideration is what blockchain protocol to adopt.

An excellent choice for blockchain protocol should offer a fast, affordable, user-friendly, and reliable platform for decentralized applications. Binance Smart Chain has one of the speediest blockchain transaction times and low transaction fee structures, which makes building Defi apps on the protocol so appealing for developers.

For us at The legend Of Talkado, users can transact with speed and the low possible charges on the blockchain, in line with Talkado vision. Building Talkado Protocol on the Binance smart chain means the transaction fees are extremely low compared to that of Ethereum and bitcoin. Note that TLOT is a multichain coin. Thus in the future, TLOT may expand to oh

The processing time of TLOT is within 5 seconds/block time resulting in very low fees. While BTC and ETH are still utilizing the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus protocol that involves miners to deploy high computing power, Talkado adopted the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA)which results in high transaction speed and much lower cost per transaction.

We are proud to announce that our marketplace will run on Smart Contracts from day one.

Smart Contracts are codes that are stored on the blockchain and can be triggered by on-chain actions.

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