As the earth suffers from global warming and climate change. All forms of repair or redemption seemed to be far beyond reach. But amidst all the darkness there was a beacon of light—a few who had been chosen to save the world from its plight, The Legend of Talkado.
The Legend of Talkado is based on an inspirational tale of heroism and the fight against climate change. Its collection features 10,000 carefully crafted historical war-like characters that depict strength, perseverance, and toughness.
The main goal is to support the fight against climate and humanitarian crises globally.
We also help raising funds for agencies that support the same goal.
Talkado which is a result of a well-researched outcome is a green and intuitive project, which deploys the power of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to fight against climate change and humanitarian crises globally.
With the rapid rate of climate change, The Legend of Talkado stands out as one of the crypto projects aimed at a humanitarian cause. Talkado not only runs on a green ecosystem, it also stands with other projects sharing this cause. Additionally, The Legend of Talkado helps funnel contributions from donors and other parties willing to contribute to fighting global warming.
Talkado aims to provide an ecofriendly, yet breathtaking experience on the Talkado platform by ensuring a highly intuitive user interface.
The The Legend Of Talkado Coin is built currently on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
For us at The Legend Of Talkado, the choice of the Binance Smart Chain as the first network, means the our community is assured a scalable ecosystem with fast transactions and low gas fees. Especially with the Proof of Stake mechanism which consumes less energy, this is in perfect sync with Talkado's Green vision and helps our community contribute to the fight against climate change.
Every purchase within the marketplace is made in $TLOT, the native token. This is mainly designed to increase the value of the Talkado Coin by having a single currency, which in turn increases demand. Bearing in mind that the main aim of the Talkado project is to generate regular funding to support the fight against climate change. We can achieve this by charitable contributions to NGOs and charity organizations that promote projects that aim to protect our environment against global humanitarian crises.
It’s a win-win situation for the Talkado community, as users transact within the fastest and most affordable protocol. However, as we expand, there will be future possibilities of making the market a multi-blockchain one, available in different blockchains to attract traders from all blockchains and make our marketplace more scalable.
This Whitepaper lays out the business model, technical foundations, and economic mechanisms of Talkado NFT Marketplace.