đŸĒ™The Legend Of Talkado Coin ($TLOT)

The Legend Of Talkado

The legend of Talkado is a metaverse ready hyper deflationary, unrugged liquidity and frictionless high yield aggregation protocol. The legend of Talkado is building the world first multi-coin nft wrapping platform in a multi-chain and The Legend Of Talkado p2e metaverse game. The multi-coin nft will give new meaning to nft collections and create an explosive interactive platform for nft creators, sellers, buyers and a network of partnership with other projects. The Legend Of Talkado is leveraging a recursive algorithm to incentivize coin holders, robust liquidity, and perennial charity contribution, which would be channeled towards combating climate change and humanitarian crises globally.

The Legend Of Talkado is currently launched to the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol reward holders with high-yield generation while increasing both liquidity and value. For each trade executed in the Smart Contract, TLOT functions occur instantaneously. These are Reflection, LP acquisition, Charity contribution, and crushing.

Deflationary crypto is a digital currency designed to reduce supply over time. The main goal of deflationary cryptocurrencies is to prevent the digital finance market from being flooded with digital assets over time while increasing the currency's value.

Therefore, deflationary cryptos have a positive impact on the digital currencies sector through such features as:

  • Profit maximization. The decrease in supply leads to an increase in demand for the crypto assets, which drives up the coins' value.

  • Fixed supply. Instead of flooding the market, the deflationary mechanism is designed to remove coins from circulation. If coins are issued incorrectly, the only way to fix the mistake would be to burn the access coins and only keep the required number of coins.

To create a deflationary coin we will crush supply which helps us to:

  • Increase MarketCap by lowering circulation supply.

  • Price X Circulating Supply = MarketCap

  • The less supply, the higher the price your TLOT Coin is worth.

While we don't have a specific amount that we will crush, we will periodically do this to keep the coin deflationary.

$TLOT Maximum Supply: 100,000,000

Unlike other reward coins that have the power to mint new coins, TLOT can never do this, so there is a limited supply. With each burn, the coin becomes increasingly scarce and more valuable over time.

TLOT as an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol is geared at directly rewarding its holders and, at the same time, increasing liquidity.

This is funded by a total of 6% buy and sell tax taken from every transaction on the smart contract.

The Legend Of Talkado hopes to explore this avenue for its stakeholders by availing the opportunity for holders to purchase and hold their coins while adopting strategies that will invariably increase the value of the coin.

In order to support the coin's continuous growth and constantly funds the support of the fight against climate change and humanitarian disaster globally, we decided to create the Talkado NFT marketplace, Talkado Metaverse Game, Hall of Fame and the Talkado NFTs to kick start the marketplace.

The Legend Of Talkado - TLOT

TLOT is the native currency of the The Legend Of Talkado ecosystem. The coin tracker is called TLOT. The Talkado Of Talkado Coin provides a platform for providing funding for NGOs involved in the fight against climate change and humanitarian crises globally. Talkado is embedded with an algorithm that allows automated taxation to be placed on every transaction that takes place on the Smart Contract. 2% on BUY Tax and 6% on SELL Tax. Please visit the Tax Fees session for detailed information.

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