Talkado Metaverse Ready NFT Collection

Talkado NFT is a trail-blazing and futuristic metaverse game-ready NFT.
It consists of 10k super rare aesthetically painstaking hand-drawn and algorithmically generated characters. The characters were generated from 5base characters and over 250 features.
Characters are ancient warrior-like figures with altruistic features, and the Talkado Project has embedded these amazing features into its 10,000 never seen and super rare Talkado Metaverse Ready NFTs to help inspire members to greatness and achievement of their dreams. The ultimate goal is the fight for the preservation of a beautiful planet.
Each Character is an inspiration from the TALKADO story, a presentation of exquisite artistic taste and creative thinking never seen in the NFT community.
The Talkado NFT will be used in the metaverse game and they will be presented in the Talkado legendary story.
As users purchase each Talkado NFT, they will uncover the gem ($TLOT) within each NFT. The Talkado Metaverse Ready NFT will ultimately become the biggest game changer within the Talkado ecosystem, as it will inject high volume transactions from top to bottom and cause an upsurge in the demand for the Talkado ($TLOT) Coin in the market.
The Talkado NFT will create high demand for every NFT created within the Talkado platform. Some quantity of Talkado will be locked within each NFT created. The price of Talkado will directly impact the price of each NFT. The The Legend Of Talkado coins embedded within each NFT will be locked for a period of time. This will add value to the TLOT coin. Users will also be able to wrap NFTs with Talkado, even as the price of Talkado is expected to change quicklyin the upward direction.
As the transaction rate increases, the reflection rate will equally increase.
The NFT Platform will be the secret code that will unleash the Talkado revolution within the entire crypto market.