The Story

A very long time ago, before the earth was inhabited by humanity and colonized by civilization, it was inhabited by something else. A race of ultra-super humans, whose abilities were considered at par, with that of the gods themselves. They were known as, the ETERNALS. It was a time when magic and all manner of mystical creatures roamed the earth freely. Dragons, Krakens, minotaurs, giants, 30foot arachnids, and creatures so savage and nightmarish, that the very sight of them would literally scare you to death. But just like the humans of today, the Eternals were able to subdue them all, with their unfathomable god-like powers, and magic. They had total dominion over the planet, and they thrived and flourished on it too. But as all good things, they must one day come to an end.
An ancient evil that had laid dormant in the deepest trenches of the earth’s crust, decided to resurface. A breed of ferocious, primitive, and ruthless creatures, that were hell-bent on tearing through, and decimating any, and everything that was within their sight, as they ravaged the earth like locusts.
Even the Eternals with their god-like powers and magic, could not stand a chance, because the creatures were impossible to kill. They were considered IMMORTAL, just like the gods. And so the 100year war began, the Eternals were pit against the creatures in an unending and bloody battle, it seemed like there was no end in sight.
The death toll for the Eternals was skyrocketing, with each passing day. At that rate, it wouldn’t have taken long for them, and all other inhabitants of the earth, to be completely wiped off the earth’s surface. So the Eternals, led by their king, RAGNOK, had to try other alternatives; because going toe-toe with the immortal creatures, was proving very futile, they just kept getting back up.
An inquiry was made by the wisest men of the time, and the legends told of an ancient sword, called the god-slayer. It was rumoured to possess the inherent ability to kill any immortal being, even a god. But it was lost to the annals of tales and fables a long-long time ago, during the time of the gods. They say that the sword was hidden by Zeus himself, and the map to find it was torn into 4 pieces, and placed in specific locations, in the far reaches of the earth. And one would have to read the stars, to find the locations.
The king knowing that their very existence was hanging in the balance, knew there was no other option. So he called a meeting of his most powerful warriors, but neither of them was brave enough to embark on such a Ludacris expedition, especially not with the creatures having encroached into nearly 70% of the earth.
It was essentially a suicide mission, so most of them preferred to just die, at the side of their families. But there was one warrior, a man whose physique was believed to have been chiselled with hand, by the Gods. He was chivalrous, and he had a heart of gold. But most importantly he chose to become their last hope and only shot at survival.
His name was, TALKADO.
He would embark on the journey of no return, with his band of 5 formidable warriors. And if by some chance they recover the map pieces, and locate the sword, they would still have to journey to the deepest ends of the earth, to slay the queen of the creatures. Because that was the only way the creatures would be defeated, for good.