Market Place will be the first marketplace to add new meaning to NFTs, you will be able to mint real NFTs which will be a rare treasure.
TLOT coin will not only be used as an online payment cryptocurrency But it will also be used to wrap NFTs created on the Talkado NFT Marketplace. Creators and sellers will have the options to lock an amount of TALK to an NFT. The benefit this will bring will be massive to the coin performace in the Marketplace and to the NFTs created on the Talkado Marketplace platform.
You can imagin having an nft with locked TLOT coin in it. Your nft value is in two folds, the nft price and the price of the coin. as the price of the coin goes up, you nft value increases. We are pushing the nft markeplace upward by collaborating with high quality and popular projects. They will be able to bring their coins to the Talkado NFT Marketplace. This will give creators and seller wider range of Token that support the nft wrapping. This parnership with other project will bring explosion to the Talkado Ecosystem.