đŸ”ĨDeflationary Economics

The 0.5% of the transaction amount will be used for this purpose, on every SELL transaction, 0.5% tax will automatically be used to buy back and burn TLOT, reducing the supply.

The strategy is to continuously increase the demand for TLOT say push demand from D1 to D2 as shown in the graph below and create an enabling environment for the The Legend Of Talkado Community to increase their purchasing power through trading of NFTs in the multivendor marketplace, holding their TLOT in their wallets, and wrapping more TLOT to NFT during NFT minting. That will push quantity purchased say from Q1 to Q2 as shown in the graph below. The strategy will also result in reducing supply from S0 to S1 since TLOT total supply is fixed (100Million) and the process of trading, deflationary mechanism, and wrapping more TLOT from the Market (Locking TLOT to NFT during NFT minting) will only lead to a reduction in supply - S0 to S1. as shown in the graph below. Implementing this unique strategy will have a strong positive impact on price increase (P1 to P2) for the TLOT COIN.

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